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Abbreviation: Customer Acquisition Cost

1. For a 5-year-old:

Imagine you really want a new toy car, but it costs money. Your parents have to spend money on things like food and rent before they can buy you the car. CAC is like that! It’s how much money companies spend to get someone new to buy their products, like toys or games. It’s like the “cost of making a new friend” for the company!

2. For a layman:

Think of CAC like the price of a new friend. When a company wants more people to use their app, website, or service, they have to spend money on things like advertising, free samples, or special promotions. CAC is how much it costs them, on average, to get one new person to use their product. It’s like a company’s “price tag” for attracting new customers.

3. For an expert:

CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) is a key metric in marketing and business analysis. It measures the average cost of acquiring a new customer across all channels and campaigns. Understanding CAC is crucial for optimizing marketing spend, allocating resources effectively, and maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV). Accurately calculating CAC requires factoring in all expenses associated with customer acquisition, including marketing campaigns, sales commissions, referral programs, and even website development costs. By analyzing CAC alongside LTV, businesses can determine the profitability of their customer acquisition strategies and make informed decisions about allocating resources.

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