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PursuitPeople is a part of the Pursuit Marketing family, known for their expertise in Demand Generation, Telemarketing, Digital Marketing, and Creative Design – your all-in-one 360 Marketing Provider.

They reached out to us with an exciting challenge: to craft a fresh identity for Pursuit People. The catch? They wanted to maintain a connection to their parent brand, Pursuit Marketing. So, we decided to retain the word ‘Pursuit’ while adding a distinctive sans-serif font for ‘People.’

Before diving into design, we conducted market research. We noticed that many competitors leaned towards shades of red and blue in their brand identities. To help Pursuit People truly stand out in this competitive landscape, we opted for a different direction.

We chose a calming shade of green, which conveys a sense of safety. Importantly, we ensured it harmonized seamlessly with the original brand colors of Pursuit Marketing. This strategic choice not only differentiates Pursuit People but also harnesses the psychological impact of color to leave a lasting impression.

The result? A brand identity that is unique, yet firmly rooted in the strength and reputation of its parent company, Pursuit Marketing.

Final brand identity

Contrast with original brand color

Single color full logo

Icon/Symbol to use as smallest version

4 step responsiveness

Unique color that goes well with parent brand

Used premium type: Visby CF for 'People'

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