How it works

1. Know the mission

Our team meets (virtually ofcourse!) your team to discuss your business vision, mission and core cultural values.

Your remote teams can be extremely effective if values of team members align with your mission.

We take enough care in understanding people we work with.

2. Building the system

System is set of processes that we train your remote people to use on a regular basis. 

Parts of system are common while couple of them will be custom suited for particular business requirements. (i.e. for technical or creative companies).

You can suggest to use tools that you (& your in-house team) are already familiar with to build the system. 

3. Testing the system

This period will be of recruiting people and training them to use the system most effectively.

During this period our managers will handle few of your projects using the system and recruited people to check the workflow.

4. Changing the pilot

After achieving expected turn around time with best possible quality results we will hand over the system and team to you.

You will get documentation about how to use the system as a manager.

5. It's time to fly

That’s it! Make your business fly as high and as fast as possible using your remote workforce.