Your Ultimate Remote Team

Are you a business or an agency?

Remote work is future present!

TheIToons team is working remotely before ‘remote working’ was even a thing. 

Let us help you with services backed by 9 years of remote working experience in recruiting, training and managing remote talents/teams.

Are you a talent or a freelancer?

Remote work is hard beautiful!

TheIToons team has answers to most critical problems every remote freelancer face in their life.

Get your one-man-army stronger by using experience of our team. 

Your Swissknife.

Benefits of remote work

Free your time

Save your time by hiring remote team

Time is the costliest resource of your business. Every successful person see time as the number factor in investment.

“Waste your money, and you are only out of money, but waste your time, and you have lost a part of your life” – Michael LeBoeuf (American Businessman)

Only way to grow value of your time is to save time by delegating routine tasks and then investing saved time in learning something new in your industry. Every single day.

Save your time to reinvest in yourself, your friends and your family.

Free your money

Remote teams are more profitable

Most people misunderstand money with currency.

Money is everywhere. Currency is in your bank only.

Fix leaks in your workflow to improve the supply-chain in operations, which will output more money with same or less input in terms of efforts and time.

Improved workflow has saved above $60,000 a year for one of our clients.

Put that $60k again in the business and get extra $40k profit per year. That’s FREE $40,000.

Free your team

Remote teams are more happy

You can free yourself and your team only by helping people to be independent.

Our founder’s personal mission is to build a community of spiritual entrepreneur, where everybody takes responsibility of their own action and be accountable for the results.

The word ‘company’ comes from ‘companion’. And in remote environment feeling of ‘companionship’ is must to build a strong company.

Free yourself and your team by making them conscious about their own responsibilities.

For business

For freelancers

For business

And for freelancers

Our clients

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Result is beautiful

Balancing time, money and people gracefully creates beautiful culture for your team 


excellent experience for end customers.