We are freelancer designers and developers at TheIToons

Who we are

TheIToons is a small design and development agency based in India having distributed team from US and Germany.

We are a team of multi-skilled and enthusiasts digital specialists who are always ready for a challenge and learning as fast as digital is changing. Team consists of graphic designers and web/mobile developers. Most team members are having 3+ years of freelancing experience and are efficient in working in a team and with people from almost any timezone.

Following terms represents ourselves

  • Enthusiasts
  • Quality oriented
  • Problem solvers
  • Achievers with anyhow mindset

Work ethic

As we have a distributed team of freelancers, we know how to work in fast paced chaotic and uncertain environment. Having worked with individuals to startups to small businesses we know how the way working changes with people and teams. We can gear up as needed without giving a dent to the final quality results (because we accept projects with only realistic deadlines & budget).

We have hardcoded following rules in our work life

  • Quick to respond
  • Be available to help
  • Educate by your experience
  • Watch time carefully
  • Care for details
  • Aim to go beyond the expected results

Life purpose

We all are same with the purpose, we created this tribe because our core vibes matches with each others’.

We prioritize and follow the rule : People > Passion > Product > Profit