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Logo, landing pages, illustrations, icons + 10 design items.


WordPress, Shopify, Codeigniter + 12 more frameworks.

Benefits of working with TheIToons

Save upto $30,000 USD

We have helped businesses save thousands of dollars by building remote teams for them. We are a strong believer of remote work because that allows freedom to both; business as well as employee.

Businesses can save significant amount of money by not investing in infrastructure which is only for their employees, i.e. offices, equipments, electricity etc.

On the other end employees can choose at what time they want to work and from where. WIN-WIN.

Save money by hiring remotely
Save time by building a remote team

Make more out of your life

As we work remotely we can get things done faster by distributing intelligently and following a disciplined workflow, we save your precious time that you can enjoy with your family, friends or on higher value tasks to grow your business with speed.

You can save dozens of hours of your valuable time every week which you can spend towards scaling of your business. 


If you have worked with agencies or freelancers you know the pain of getting quick response in the time of emergency. Here at TheIToons, we have developed a workflow that will ensure that you'll get access to us in the time of need. 

We'll hop on a Skype call almost anytime for you. 

We'll guide you through specifics via TeamViewer whenever you need our help.

And we are always ready to brainstorm, discuss and share our expertise so that you can scale up your business and we can provide 100% cover for new demands.

Kind of support that any growing business needs
Scale your business and celebrate by dancing on the table.


We not only help you save money, time and efforts but can also help your business grow at great speed by showing you how to reinvest them.

Scaling is tough. You have to think of ways to keep every moving part of your business integrated very robustly that it won't fall apart.

There will be problems of cash flow, manpower, training, team management, project management, brand management, customer relationship management + 52 more things. So to scale fast you need matching talent to handle every area of your business. And we can help with that.

So you can move your body while we help move your business up.


We'll work on your project in a way that you will be there to witness how it is getting unfolded. You'll have all the rights to steer the project in any direction you want and we'll help you with our expertise along the way.

We'll work together to maintain the direction and get things done by the deadline.

We work with full transparency at TheIToons

Services We Offer


Starting up your business? And looking for someone to design all branding materials? Or just a logo? We can help.


We help people to design, develop, launch and maintain their websites.


Android, iOS or a cross-platform app. We do prototyping to full product development


We also offer UI/UX services for websites, web apps and mobile apps.

Design audit

We offer full design audit for your landing page, web app and mobile app. So that you know where and what to improve.

Print and Packaging

We also design ebooks, magazines, print ads, packaging designs.

Don't miss your FREE design audit

Design audit will cover branding, UI/UX and functional aspect of app/site.

What clients say about our services

Working with the guys from TheIToons has always been a treat. Especially when I have Prerak working directly with me, he is always open to ideas and willing to fix things when needed. This is my second time working with them and I will be back again and again because of the quality of work produced.
Highly recommended.

Prompt, professional and flexible. I’d warmly recommend TheIToons' services any time.

I was very impressed with how well Prerak knew what I wanted, he executed the logo design with great speed and quality! I only had to ask for one revision because he basically nailed it on the head in the first go! 10/10

I've known Prerak for a few years now and the one thing that I can say stands out the most anytime I speak with him is: consistency. He is consistent in every way. The way he keeps an ongoing dialogue with his relationships, developing his skills, producing work, and the list goes on! He has worked on custom graphic work for us, web design, web development, logo design, tons and tons of projects.. and much more to come. Prerak is one of the few people that I truly know to be dependable. He is a good friend and a great person to work with.


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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs