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Hire remote talent tailored to your management style
because Your vibe makes your tribe

Recruitment service designed for
remote world

Call to absorb your vibe

Your vibe matters

You are hiring a team member whether this is your first hire or 100th your vibe must align well with each other to get the best results together.

If you spend enough time to choose what to have for dinner then this is a lot more important to health of your company.

So we'll get on a call with you to understand cultural and business values of your company to find you the best suited talent.

There is a nominal token charge to start the process depending on the nature of job and seniority you are hiring for.

Their vibe matters

They are going to put their life (time and efforts) into your vision.

And we know that you want to create world you visioned as closely as possible.

That's possible only if your team members understand the vision and their role with clarity.

We'll screen and interview people who have similar vibe to the culture you are trying to build and nurture.

Evaluating by actually working with candidates on small tasks


Once we have necessary candidates best suited for your company we'll manage test projects using set of tools your company uses (and possibly with your management style) working with them to evaluate.

1. Punctuality
2. Ability to comprehend brief
3. Clear and frequent communication
4. Eyes for details

5. And innovative-thinking index

We'll present you the best results and hook you up with the candidate(s) whose work you liked the most.

Getting out of way

You will interview the candidate(s) yourself and take the final decision.

We'll charge a fixed 10% of yearly gross package upon final confirmation.

If this is your first remote hire then our managers will help you setup necessary processes to get the best out of your first hire in terms of productivity and happiness.

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