Asana Cerified Pro

Train your team with tested & proven remote work practices

Training that will redesign the way you think

to make a SMOOTH transition from in-house work to remote team work

Remote team training processes

Remote work

You may have tried dozens of project management tools but couldn't get the things done seamlessly.

Part of the problem is unclear processes

Our team will talk to you or your project/team manager to understand current problems and help you develop processes.

These processes will make your team clearer, efficient and will save time for personal growth of your team members too.

Remote work

You have processes setup but that's not enough to run a smooth agency set for continuous growth in sustained manner.

A remote strategy is what you need for smooth growth.

We'll help you design a remote working strategy tailored to your business goals.

Remote work execution, optimization and management (Remote manager's guide)

Your strategy is a blueprint of what is possible. But it is till on paper.

To make it come to life you will have to act swiftly by synchronizing between timezones, scenarios, policies etc.

This module will be for managers to calculate strength of resources in a way that you can make pivotal changes smoothly without hurting team morale or brand value.

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