How to manage remote projects in best way? We know it!

We are a design and development agency

We are a remote design and development agency having distributed team across India, USA, and Germany. The company is based from India. If you have worked with a remote team or person/freelancer you know how difficult is to communicate and manage projects. Especially project managers know the pain of not being face to face when things go wrong.

We have worked on various projects from small, medium to big projects since last 4 years. We have learned many lessons while doing so. We have talked and discussed the same with other people who manage projects remotely. The list includes clients, freelancers, and other agencies.

After working on 89+ remote projects we are now better and most efficient in getting things done, the way you want and by the time you want.

We have developed a pain proof workflow and strategies which help us complete things on time, for a reasonable budget, with enough iterations, and with best results.

The following is the overview of the entire remote process we follow (which has flexible parts that can be adjusted depending on the requirements and nature of work).

  1. 30 minutes skype call session

We start with 30 minutes skype call to discuss your requirements in brief details. In which you’ll be able to quickly tell us what is the scope, expectations, and timeline for the project. We’ll ask few questions to get the clear idea about same. We will note down every important detail very carefully.

  1. The proposal having a workflow to follow for the project.

After the call, we’ll study your project requirements with our team and lay out a plan to achieve desired results by the deadline. The plan will include how we are going to execute your project phase by phase.

  1. Initial setup for the flow

Once proposal gets accepted and agreed upon we set up the flow discussed as in the proposal and we will invite you to collaborate. You’ll be able to see the progress as we work on the project. We’ll update you to ask your inputs on the progress throughout the project so that we can maintain the direction and can steer if we need depending on your suggestions.

  1. Feedback loop

Depending on the number of phases in the project, we’ll frequently ask for your feedback on various parts and guide you when you need to know why the certain thing is the way it is. We’ll be engaging using project management tools, chats, calls, and emails.

  1. Post-delivery support up to 7 days

We know there will be minor tweaks and changes you may forget to tell us while we prepare and deliver the project files and resources. But don’t worry, we offer 7 days post-delivery support for reasonable changes with no extra cost.

Advantages we have over other design agencies

You may have heard of companies or freelancers using similar workflows but there are hidden advantages that we have seeded into our work process.

  • Timezone issue – eliminated: We have a team organized in a way that at any given time during the project one team member will be in touch with you. So whenever you need to get in touch with us, there will be someone assigned to your project at any given time to handle your queries.
  • Flexible pricing (with or without formal contracts): We are not rigid in our price structure also. We have plans for everyone, individual professional to startups to established businesses. We work in a variety of ways, project-based, hour-based and on a monthly subscription based depending on nature of the work. I.e. we have worked on projects with a budget as low as $100 to as high as $15000 so we know how to manage projects and expectations at different levels. 
  • Clear and robust communication: We communicate well and frequently through emails, calls, and chats. We save the context of your project for future references also. So if we have worked together on a project at any level, we know your taste very well and trust me your experience of working with us will get better very rapidly.
  • Cohesive work mindset: While working with many startups/businesses and even professionals we found out that there is desperate need of people who work very cohesively with your vision. So we trained our minds and hearts to feel what you feel regarding your vision. We glance through your perspective and offer another perspective whenever we feel to share something important.
  • Helping with more than one asked for: We don’t only follow your direction closely but sometimes guide you to a better path. We’ll share what would be the better approach to do certain things efficiently. We only recommend kinds of stuff that we have learned and gone through already. We like to be pragmatic rather than theoretical.

This sums up pretty much everything for how we work. 

We aim to have a long-term consistent relationship with our clients and to help their business grow.