UI/UX audit for your app or website

UI UX design audit at TheIToons

TheIToons is offering UI/UX design audit for your website, android app or iOS app. Starting from only $299. We will be closely studying your product and will write a report with what can be done to improve the overall user experience. The main goal of any business is to convert users/visitors to their customers, even if you are getting traffic as low as few dozens of people to few thousands of people to use/visit your product/service.

The design audit will have insights on following questions

  1. How attractive are your site design and content to get users to signup to try your service/product?
  2. Once you get a user to signup, how easy is the onboarding process?
  3. We’ll outline areas where people are most likely to drop off
  4. How easy is to use your service/product for the first time.
  5. What are the areas where a user might get confused and how to prevent that?
  6. What are the steps which can be combined or removed to make the user experience seamless according to the main objective?
  7. What elements it has (or can have) to make people visit/use again.
  8. How to make your product/service more interesting to keep people coming back.

Starting from $299

And there’s a surprise discount running if you get in touch before 30th July!

Send us an email to prerak@theitoons.com